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Wesley Stolp is Kareo's Solutions Director for the Managed Billing business. He has 15 years of SaaS, RCM and Practice Management experience, with a focus on helping clients to optimize the financial health of their business. Wes enjoys working with practices to identify revenue opportunities and enhance operations through hands-on coaching and training.

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Revenue | Article

We congratulate the independent medical practice providers across this country who are filling a...

By Wesley Stolp | 05/08/19
Revenue | Article

For 15 years, I have swum around in the acronym soup of healthcare RCM Metrics: NCR, GCR, A/R over...

By Wesley Stolp | 03/22/19
Revenue | Article

It’s been awhile, but there was a time when the words “Revenue Cycle Management” caused excitement...

By Wesley Stolp | 02/11/19