Tom Giannulli

Dr. Tom is the chief medical information officer at Kareo. He is a respected innovator in the medical technology arena with more than 15 years of deep experience in mobile technology and medical software development. He holds a M.S. in biomedical engineering from the University of Utah and earned his M.D. from the University of Texas at Houston where he completed his residency in internal medicine.

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Articles on Tom Giannulli

Compliance | Article

Earlier this summer, CMS released the proposed rule for the 2018 Quality Payment Program...

By Tom Giannulli | 09/14/17
Patients | Article

Today in the U.S. we are experiencing a mental health crisis. There is a large percentage of the...

By Tom Giannulli | 02/21/18
Patients | Article

It's that time again, when the leaves turn autumn brown and pumpkins start showing up on doorsteps...

By Tom Giannulli | 11/02/17
Management | Article

Ten years ago artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare was only realized in movies and sci-fi ...

By Tom Giannulli | 08/29/17
Compliance | Article

A common complaint among EHR users is that they cannot easily exchange routine and bulk patient...

By Tom Giannulli | 07/21/17
Compliance | Article

There has been increasing apprehension around AI and how it will shape our society. Some notable...

By Tom Giannulli | 02/06/17
Compliance | Article

Many health IT vendors and medical practices have been gearing up for continued Affordable Care Act...

By Tom Giannulli | 11/16/16
Patients | Article

Have you decided a mobile EHR is right for you? Use the tips from Dr. Tom Giannulli in this short...

By Tom Giannulli | 11/02/16
Patients | Article

While the title sounds like a B movie playing at a local drive-in, it is really about the next big...

By Tom Giannulli | 10/18/16
Management | Article

One of the clear benefits of using a cloud-based EHR is the inherit extendibility that comes with...

By Tom Giannulli | 10/04/16
Management | Video

If you are looking to change EHRs, be sure to use the best methods for choosing your EHR the second...

By Tom Giannulli | 02/18/16
Patients | Video

Patient expectations are changing. They want more interaction and engagement with their physicians...

By Tom Giannulli | 12/29/15