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Rochelle Glassman is President & CEO of United Physician Services. Rochelle brings a passionate, very practical _do it today_ approach to making medical practices successful and getting physicians paid more.

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Growth | Article

In today’s healthcare environment we have been blessed with the development and implementation of...

By Rochelle Glassman | 06/13/16
Growth | Article

At the recent webinar, 4 Ways to Increase Patient Visits by 25%, speaker Rochelle Glassman, CEO of...

By Rochelle Glassman | 06/30/15
Growth | Article

Are you looking for ways to increase patient volume? Many practices are, and for a variety of...

By Rochelle Glassman | 06/08/15

It is common practice when a new payer contract or an amendment to an existing contract shows up...

By Rochelle Glassman | 12/08/14

So, you’ve read the recent blog post on having the right medical practice staff mix at your...

By Rochelle Glassman | 08/05/14
Management | Article

There is no hard and fast rule on how many staff you require for your practice because each...

By Rochelle Glassman | 07/22/14