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Dr. Molly is passionate about using technology to improve the lives of patients and healthcare providers. She graduated from the University of Illinois College of Medicine and was a pediatric resident in the Kaiser Permanente Oakland/Berkeley MPH program before making a career shift into digital health. She now advises early stage health technology startups. She is a licensed California physician and runs a boutique medical practice in San Francisco specializing in health optimization.

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Articles on Molly Maloof

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Twitter is home to 310 million monthly active users with an impressive 1 billion monthly visits...

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In the last post we covered a few must haves for your practice website, including your biography...

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The website for your medical practice needs to have a solid foundation of key components that...

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There was a recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled, “The Drawbacks of Rate Your Doctor...

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We’ve all been there. Who hasn’t had a bad online review. To a caring doctor it can feel like...

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Customer service is something that can make or break a medical practice. The key customer service...

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When I think of health care the first thing that does not come to my mind is outstanding customer...

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Anyone can learn to build a website from scratch. I should know, I did it myself. If you have no...

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