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Mike is a marketing guru and online reputation specialist. He as worked witha variety of companies improving their marketing strategies, specifically working with Google page ranking and reviews.

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Growth | Article

We know that using the web to promote your practice can be a bit overwhelming with all the googling...

By Mike Haverhals | 05/11/12
Growth | Article

Facebook began the mandatory rollout of their new timeline format across all business pages on...

By Mike Haverhals | 03/30/12
Compliance | Article

When it comes to HIPAA rules and your patients' information, most of the focus is on keeping this...

By Mike Haverhals | 01/30/12
Growth | Article

Keywords are a big deal when it comes to search.  Such a big deal, in fact, that they've been the...

By Mike Haverhals | 12/09/11
Growth | Article

This is the first installment in a series we'll be doing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). ...

By Mike Haverhals | 11/25/11
Management | Article

Google announced new features for their Analytics reporting tool earlier this month and they've now...

By Mike Haverhals | 11/21/11
Management | Article

It's officially over.  The class action lawsuits against Yelp claiming extortionist practices were...

By Mike Haverhals | 10/28/11
Management | Article

For the past couple years, we've seen our doctors get an average of a little more than 2 online...

By Mike Haverhals | 10/17/11
Management | Article

The online review wars are heating up again.  With Google's decision to build their own reviews (...

By Mike Haverhals | 09/19/11
Growth | Article

By now we all know that fake negative reviews have become a major issue for doctors on many online...

By Mike Haverhals | 09/12/11
Management | Article

A recent study by students at Stanford's Graduate School of Business discovered that small doses of...

By Mike Haverhals | 07/11/11
Growth | Article

An interesting study from web metrics company Hitwise recently put some numbers behind all the talk...

By Mike Haverhals | 07/05/11
Management | Article

Last year we told you about a dentist, Dr. Yvonne Wong, who filed lawsuit against both Yelp &...

By Mike Haverhals | 05/23/11
Growth | Article

We had the opportunity to speak with a lot of doctors over the past week.  Thanks to all of you who...

By Mike Haverhals | 05/16/11
Growth | Article

Last week, the blog publishing & hosting platform Wordpress was attacked, resulting in...

By Mike Haverhals | 03/08/11
Management | Article

We get a lot of questions about what to do about the dreaded negative review if-and-when it rears...

By Mike Haverhals | 09/06/10