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Lisa A. Eramo, BA, MA is a freelance writer specializing in health information management, medical coding, and regulatory topics. She began her healthcare career as a referral specialist for a well-known cancer center. Lisa went on to work for several years at a healthcare publishing company. She regularly contributes to healthcare publications, websites, and blogs, including the AHIMA Journal. Her focus areas are medical coding, and ICD-10 in particular, clinical documentation improvement, and healthcare quality/efficiency. She has a bachelor's degree in creative writing from Hamilton College and a master's degree in journalism from Northeastern University.

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Taking the time to understand a patient’s cultural context not only enhances a physician’s ability...

By Lisa Eramo | 10/15/14
Patients | Article

Customer satisfaction is important in any business, and healthcare is certainly no exception. In...

By Lisa Eramo | 10/01/14
Compliance | Article

Although mental health providers may use the DSM V for documentation and diagnostic purposes (it...

By Lisa Eramo | 09/23/14
Growth | Article

When MedPeds, a family medicine practice of eight providers in the D.C. suburb of Laurel, MD,...

By Lisa Eramo | 09/16/14
Management | Article

The adoption of EHRs in physician practices is definitely on the rise thanks to Meaningful Use...

By Lisa Eramo | 09/10/14
Management | Article

As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to swing into full gear, physicians and patients are...

By Lisa Eramo | 09/03/14
Management | Article

Overworked and underpaid. That is the plight of many of us, including some physicians. As physician...

By Lisa Eramo | 08/26/14
Revenue | Article

Knowing your carrier’s policy is the key to billing transitional care management (TCM), Jill Young...

By Lisa Eramo | 05/07/14
Revenue | Article

These days, no practice can afford to take a financial hit. That’s why it’s important to understand...

By Lisa Eramo | 04/30/14
Compliance | Article

Are you overwhelmed by ICD-10 changes that will affect your orthopedic practice? Stop. Take a deep...

By Lisa Eramo | 02/20/14
Compliance | Article

Like many specialties, OB/GYN includes a variety of changes related to diagnosis codes (CPT & E...

By Lisa Eramo | 01/23/14
Compliance | Article

Patient care is a physician’s first priority. However, cashflow keeps your practice’s doors open....

By Lisa Eramo | 07/17/13
Revenue | Article

Did the physician insert a pacemaker or pacing cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD)? Did the pacemaker...

By Lisa Eramo | 01/25/12