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John is the founder of Five9 (NASDAQ: FIVN) and the Founder of DoctorBase (now a Kareo company). He has also acted as a product & marketing consultant to Ring Central, Qualys, oDesk, Miller Heiman, LGC Wireless, and the California Public Utilities Commission.

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Articles on John Sung Kim

Growth | Article

Did you know that your name is being Googled anywhere from 20-100 times a month? Make sure you can...

By John Sung Kim | 11/07/16
Growth | Article

Managing negative reviews, especially on Yelp, is one of the biggest concerns physicians have about...

By John Sung Kim | 10/10/16
Growth | Video

You can use the great images you have to market your practice more effectively online and grow your...

By John Sung Kim | 08/24/16
Growth | Video

Have you heard the term inbound links? Wondering what that means for your practice marketing and...

By John Sung Kim | 07/26/16
Growth | Video

Is your URL strategy for your website working? URLs are the way that webmasters name the pages of...

By John Sung Kim | 06/23/16
Growth | Article

Millennials are at the age where they are no longer covered by their parent’s health plans. As a...

By John Sung Kim | 06/13/16
Growth | Article

Since its inception in 2014, Yelp has grown into a significant consumer force, affecting the...

By John Sung Kim | 05/17/16
Patients | Article

Many consumers are surprised to learn that the heaviest users of Facebook are not Millennials but...

By John Sung Kim | 05/12/16
Growth | Video

Is your website properly optimized for Google? After your title tags, your keywords are the second...

By John Sung Kim | 05/03/16
Growth | Video

Are you trying to reach patients online? One of the most important aspects of your online presence...

By John Sung Kim | 04/19/16
Management | Article

Bad online reviews can happen to any business at some point. So negative reviews are always a...

By John Sung Kim | 01/26/16
Growth | Article

You’ll probably be shocked to discover that your office phone system is actually the source of lost...

By John Sung Kim | 12/17/15
Growth | Article

Patient engagement has become an industry buzzword defined differently by different constituents....

By John Sung Kim | 11/16/15
Growth | Article

In 2010, Yelp was starting to gain substantial traction in certain metro markets as a trusted place...

By John Sung Kim | 11/09/15
Growth | Article

One of the questions I’m consistently surprised that my doctors do not ask me is, “John, what are...

By John Sung Kim | 08/05/15