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Janet Kennedy

Janet is co-founder at Healthcare Marketing Network. She is an External Advisory Board Member of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network and podcast host @getsocialhealth.

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Articles on Janet Kennedy

Patients | Article

Healthcare is ever-changing. Family Practice Physicians, as well as every other specialty, are...

By Janet Kennedy | 09/27/18

In her article, “The Age of Engagement: Improving Patient Communications and Outcomes”, Anne...

By Janet Kennedy | 08/21/18
Patients | Article

Healthcare analytics, clinical decision support, machine learning and AI are all hot issues in...

By Janet Kennedy | 08/03/18

Technology is a huge part of our everyday life. It makes sense to use it to improve our healthcare...

By Janet Kennedy | 07/26/18
Revenue | Article

Medical billing is a critical factor in determining whether a practice is financially successful....

By Janet Kennedy | 07/10/18
Patients | Article

Twenty to thirty percent of prescriptions are never filled according to the Center for Disease...

By Janet Kennedy | 06/12/18
Patients | Article

Changing prescriptions, additional tests, exam results and new therapies are just a few examples of...

By Janet Kennedy | 05/30/18
Management | Article

In a recent #KareoChat (first and third Thursdays at 9 a.m. Pacific), participants gathered with...

By Janet Kennedy | 05/03/18