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Betsy Nicoletti is the author of The Field Guide to Physician Coding and founder of She developed The Accurate Coding System to help doctors get paid. She simplifies complex coding rules for practitioners and engages physicians in a positive and respectful way, which encourages attention and accuracy in their coding. Besides doing auditing and compliance work, she is a speaker, writer and consultant in coding education, billing and accounts receivable.

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Articles on Betsy Nicoletti

Compliance | Article

The principles of preventing and managing denials in ICD-10 are the same as in ICD-9, but with five...

By Betsy Nicoletti | 10/12/15
Revenue | Article

“I've heard that I might get audited if I bill too many level 4 visits.”  “I told her that if she...

By Betsy Nicoletti | 04/08/15

There was already confusion about the correct use of surgical modifier 59. Physicians and coders...

By Betsy Nicoletti | 03/18/15
Revenue | Article

"She was bitten by a dog.  How much clearer can I be?” "He fell.  That’s what...

By Betsy Nicoletti | 05/23/12
Revenue | Article

A journalist called me recently and asked, “Why do you think there is such a high denial rate for...

By Betsy Nicoletti | 05/07/12
Revenue | Article

Remember in high school when your teacher assigned “compare and contrast” essays?  “Compare and...

By Betsy Nicoletti | 04/09/12
Revenue | Article

“Medicare pays primary care clinicians for Behavioral Health services? Since when...

By Betsy Nicoletti | 01/09/12