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Alesa Lightbourne is a prize-winning author, professor and former dean of an international business school. As a freelance writer, her clients have included Fortune 50 companies, and her works have appeared in mainstream business, trade, women’s, literary, scientific and medical publications. 

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Articles on Alesa Lightbourne

Growth | Article

Paul and Betty Ordonez had learned plenty during their careers in the corporate world and by 2015,...

By Alesa Lightbourne | 12/03/19
Growth | Article

Kevin Kunz’s mother and brother suspected they had obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and paid...

By Alesa Lightbourne | 10/22/19
Revenue | Article

Phyllis Duran had worked in medical billing for years before taking a front-desk job at Buena Vida...

By Alesa Lightbourne | 09/03/19
Growth | Article

Why aren’t medical practices using the same data-driven analytics that major corporations do to...

By Alesa Lightbourne | 08/16/19

While working as a psychiatric nurse practitioner at the county’s only mental health center, Erica...

By Alesa Lightbourne | 07/02/19
Management | Article

Multiple systemic infectious diseases syndrome (MSIDS), a complication of Lyme disease and other...

By Alesa Lightbourne | 06/18/19
Management | Article

Chris Leeuw, an extreme sports athlete, was just 28 years old when he plunged from an abandoned...

By Alesa Lightbourne | 06/03/19
Revenue | Article

Heidi Ritton was a successful sales manager, in charge of a multi-state territory for a large...

By Alesa Lightbourne | 05/13/19

"Let our family take care of your family"—that’s the motto of Family Medical Center, a small...

By Alesa Lightbourne | 02/25/19