What Medical Billing Companies Need to Know About MIPS and MACRA Regulations

By Heera Kang  |  October 16, 2018

There's no reason for any eligible clinician to pay a penalty to Medicare, says Sr. Training Specialist, Marina Verdara. In her comprehensive presentation at the 2018 Kareo Success Summit, Marina provided medical billing companies the critical information they need to help practices comply with and earn the most from CMS incentive programs.

Marina gave an overview of where we're at with MACRA and the Quality Payment Program. 

Kareo and MIPS

Kareo MIPS Eligibility

As Kareo's expert on CMS Incentive Programs, Marina provides training and education to ensure that customers receive the support they need to report successfully.   

Check out Marina's presentation slide to learn how practices can deliver value-based care and get the maximum positive incentives available in 2018. See some practical examples of how you can shepherd your clients through regulatory challenges.

Presentation slides: 

And check out these useful resources to take back to your office and staff to help implement a plan for MACRA success. 

MIPS Checklist for Billing Managers

Kareo MIPS Checklist

APM Checklist for Billing Managers

Kareo APM Checklist



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