Top 20 Best Medical Practice Facebook Pages

By Lea Chatham  |  October 20, 2015

Kareo combed through hundreds of medical practice Facebook pages looking for great examples of practices that are really engaging patients on social media. The look and feel of the page was certainly a factor in picking the top choices, but even more important was that the practice posted regularly and that the posts were informative. In addition, the page had to be set up so that it was easy to get more information about the practice such as hours, website, and phone number. We also looked for reviews and how much patients seemed to engage on the page.

Here is the list of Kareo's top 20 best medical practice Facebook pages for 2015. Tweet this Kareo story

The top picks combined design with regular, engaging posts:

Dixon Center for Integrative Medicine: This page has great visuals, but more importantly they post nearly everyday. And their posts show a lot of variety from health tips and recipes to practice updates.


Orange Cost Women's Medical Group: Orange Coast definitely shows that they are in the business of providing care and support to women. They post regularly and provide plenty of encouragement and healthy tips to women.


Lander Chiropractic: Consistency is the key and Lander Chiropractic has nailed it. Their Facebook page and website have a solid consistent look and feel. They have defined their brand and they stick to it.

Dr. Robert Lamberts: There is no doubt about Dr. Lamberts' fun-loving, welcoming nature (just look at his photos). You quickly get a feel for who this doctor is from his Facebook page, which is probably why he has almost 2,000 followers!

Congratulations to these top picks and the other 16 Facebook pages that also provided some great examples of engaging features and design. Check out these other terrific examples of practices doing Facebook right. Tweet this Kareo story

Newport Plastic

The Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute


Meek Chiropractic

Naila Malik, MD

Doctors 365 Walk-In Urgent Care

Tao to Wellness

Marque Urgent Care

Heartland Primary Care

Celebrating Women Center

Sanjay Grover, MD

Hope Therapy Center

Central Virginia Family Physicians

Performance Physical Therapy of Stafford

Mattox Family Physicians

DeMoss Chiropractic

Kareo's guide, 4 Steps to Building and Managing Your Practice's Online Reputation, provides many tips on how to effectively use social media for your practice. Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Use social media sites to help establish and promote your brand. Be consistent across your website and social channels with your look and feel.
  2. Once you create your pages, send out an email to your patients encouraging them to “like” and “follow” you on Facebook and Twitter. You can also put links to your Facebook and Twitter pages on your website, business cards, and in your email signature. Encourage your staff to “like” and “follow” your practice and share content.
  3. Build your presence by liking and following influencers in your community and groups that relate to your specialty (e.g., local cancer support groups if you are an oncologist).
  4. Post regularly and provide useful, informative, and actionable content for patients. Having a blog (or other dynamic content) on your website can make this easier. Including tools on your social media sites that allow people to do things like request an appointment and write or view reviews is also a great way to engage people.
  5. Interact with your social media followers. Reply to their comments and like their posts. If someone brings up personal health information, take it offline as quickly as possible.
  6. Make your posts both professional and social—patients want to be able to connect on a personal level with your practice, so don’t be afraid to share accomplishments of staff members or pictures from around the office. But also don’t forget that as a doctor, you are a trusted source of information for your patients. Keep it professional!

For more details and additional tips, download the guide today.



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