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By Heera Kang  |  October 18, 2018

Medical billing companies from across the country came to the Kareo Success Summit this year to learn about new strategies and tools for growing their business and better serving independent medical practices. Kareo software expert, Daniel Spain, led a session talking about why billing companies should be focused on mobile technology for their company and their medical practice clients.

Here's what Daniel covered: 

The Benefits of Mobile Healthcare for Billing Companies

Daniel shared how key mobile software features can support more transparency between your billing company and your clients. For example, tools such as real-time analytics, charge and superbill management as well as internal messaging functions with encounter referencing enable billing companies to have information they can share with clients at their fingertips. 

Billers can be more efficient with mobile features for quick code capture, charge capture and convenient patient payments. 

The Benefits of Mobile Healthcare for Medical Practices

At this year's summit, a panel of successful billing companies shared tips and strategies they've used to improve their business. One area that all of these companies have focused on is extending their value to medical practices, beyond billing. They identified a way to help clients and expanded their services into that area. For instance, many medical practices partnering with an outsourced billing company have started to rely on them for all of their software needs. This is role that billing companies are uniquely suited for, as revenue cycle managers. 

As one of these strategies for extending their level of service, billing companies can present mobile solutions to improve workflows and efficiencies for providers and their staff. Daniel explains how helping clients choose a better EHR for charting and clinical care leads to improved revenue. And when that mobile EHR solution is integrated into an end-to-end solution that enables streamlined patient, practice and billing management—including convenient video visit technology—everyone wins. 

To learn more about how Kareo can help your billing company and medical practice clients stay connected wherever they are:

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