Patient Collections Lifecycle

By Heera Kang  |  October 2, 2018

Are you a biller or a billing company serving independent medical or specialty practices? At this year's Kareo Billing Company Success Summit, Aimee Heckman, President of Ease RCM Solutions, gave this informative and timely presentation on the imperative of improving patient collections processes and rates. 

She began her presentation by asking attendees to remember a time when:

  • Patients had smaller copays.
  • A “high deductible” was $1000.
  • Billers sent 2-3 statements and then turned accounts back over to the practice to decide whether to send to collections.
  • 80-90% of client revenue came from insurance.

Those days are gone, she said. She outlined the new reality as it comes to patient collections and how independent practices could continue their old patient billing and collections practices at their own peril. 

Kareo Patient Collections

Aimee went on to outline a new Patient Collections Journey for independent practices. To set your practices up to collect effectively from patients, learn about the patient collections lifecycle and all the opportunities to increase efficiency before, during and after the patient visit. 

See presentation slides: 

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