Kareo Billing Product Overview and Training

By Amanda Zeosky  |  October 8, 2018

From a new, easier enrollment process to simplifying management of multiple payers to achieving clean claims, Training Specialist Tristan Schlotz walks you through how Kareo makes it easier. 

We heard from you about your top barriers to getting paid in a timely manner, and we've added new features and improvements to address those pitfalls in the reimbursement and payment process. These include: 

  • Proof of Timely Filing
  • Improved Patient Collections process
  • Effective Patient Statements and Patient Payments Tools

Learn how to leverage the most efficient billing workflows using the most impactful Kareo Billing features. Get top tips and tricks to supercharge your billing operations.

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New to Kareo and want to find out how an integrated solution can reduce your billing workload and improve your net collections rate?

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