The Ins and Outs of Data Security for Medical Practices

By Heera Kang  |  October 4, 2018

At this year's Kareo Success Summit, Information Security Architect Jesse Salmon provided Kareo billing companies a sobering look at the challenges of making information security a priority.

Some of these challenges include:

  • Criminals targeting medical records to create fake identities that could allow them to file fake claims with insurers. 
  • Medical records often contain addresses, phone numbers and employment history used for fake tax returns.
  • A list of security breaches reported in the last 24 months showed an unfortunately strong representation of medical-related organizations.

Luckily for Kareo customers, Jesse, former cyber security expert for the United States Marine Corps, also provided actionable tips and strategies for reducing exposure to threats.

Security strategies include: 

  • Choosing a secure, compliant cloud-based software vendor like Kareo
  • Conduct security trainings to teach staff good computer habits. 90% of data breaches in 2016 were due to social engineering or phishing campaigns. 
  • Keep software updated. 

Here are Jesse's presentation slides for more details


To learn more about creating a more secure environment for medical practices and medical billing partners by understanding and implementing best practices in data security:

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