I Figured Out What's Wrong With Your Website

By John Sung Kim  |  December 4, 2012

A website gone wrongAfter evaluating over 100 private practice websites for basic SEO mistakes this last week - including those of several public institutions - I catalogued the top 3 mistakes we saw.

1) Trying to appeal to new patients in the "Yelp age" with a website that has beautiful models and "testimonials."Your website guy (and you) thought that smiling photos of models and reviews from people named "Patty K." with no profile picture would sway people. Instead it makes your practice look cheap and out of date. And slightly desperate.

2) Instead of structuring your web page URLs to be - www.yourpractice.com/your-desired-keyword you bought multiple domain names with vanity URLs like, my-desired-keyword.com. That's not how SEO actually works, but for a minute on GoDaddy that night you felt like you really were on to something. It's ok, we've all done it :)

3) The same webmaster, who you forwarded our SEO suggestions to, read our email with some resentment and is now more determined than ever not to let you go by withholding the log-in to your own website. Geeks call it the "golden handcuffs." And it's on you.

Which one of these most common mistakes are you making? Because the good news is, they're all really easy fixes.


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