Does Your Medical Practice Software Reduce Busy Work and Give You More Time With Patients? (Free Guide)

By Heera Kang  |  November 20, 2018

One of the most important factors in determining the ongoing success of today’s independent medical practice is operational efficiency. You don’t have time to log into multiple solutions and double-enter data. You need one solution to meet all your practice needs, from billing, electronic health records, patient intake, telemedicine, eRx and more.

Improving efficiency in all areas of patient care and business management has become an imperative, especially in independent practices with big goals and limited staff. Unfortunately, the barrage of one-off, disconnected solutions over the past decade has left practices juggling multiple tools. It’s no wonder doctors report spending 43% of their time entering data, and only 28% with patients.

A 2015 report on physician lifestyle states: "Burnout has been shown to negatively affect patient care, and many of the factors that lead to burnout are also associated with a higher likelihood of physicians leaving their practice." And the number one cause of burnout according to the report is "too many bureaucratic tasks" and "spending too many hours at work." 

An all-in-one software system can help practices and clinics implement efficient workflows that drastically reduce the busywork causing burnout in physicians and staff. For instance, Kareo's integrated platform helps streamline patient intake, scheduling and charting during encounters; automates manual tasks for prescribing, billing and other revenue management functions; and simplifies reporting and complying to regulatory requirements. The goal in any growing business is to find ways to save valuable time and boost efficiency. This is especially important in independent medical practices, where patients choose to go in order to receive better and more personal care. 

Private practices across the country are taking a close look at their current practice software choices—no longer seeing technology as a necessary evil, instead, raising their expectations and taking steps to switch to a better software partner.

Kareo's Customer Success team has prepared this informative guide to help you make a decision about the current state of your practice software. You'll see that making a change is easier than you think and that it's just not worth it to stick with a system that's not working for your clinicians and staff. Check it out!



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