Does Your Medical Practice Meet Patient Expectations?

By Heera Kang  |  December 10, 2018

Things are changing. By the year 2019, millennials are poised to overtake baby boomers as the largest generation and will influence substantial changes in the healthcare market. Patients young and old are now savvy and vocal consumers of their healthcare choices. They're paying more out of pocket, so they're expecting a higher level of service and technology-enabled conveniences. They're jumping online to check reviews, scheduling appointments with providers who are the most accessible (bonus points for providers offering video visits) and using apps to comparison-shop prescription drug prices.

Why should medical practices pay attention to changes in patient expectations? Well, with the increase in high-deductible healthcare plans, patient payments can represent 30% or more of your practice revenue. Patient experience can now make or break your practice. It's time to take a look at how your practice meets rising patient expectations. Do you offer a patient portal for lab results and access to medical records? Do you have secure two-way communication for patients and staff?

Patients actually appreciate medical practices that have implemented new policies, procedures and workflows to ensure efficient and reliable patient collections. Make it easy for them to pay (online payment options, card swiper at the front desk, accurate and easy to read patient statements) and most patients want to pay what we owe.

Overall, growing practices are improving their patient experience by focusing on leveraging convenience and technological solutions, such as telemedicine, online portals and easy communication methods.

Kareo's Customer Success team has prepared this informative guide to help you make a decision about the current state of your patient engagement software. Find out the comprehensive products and services Kareo offers and how easy it is to make the switch. 



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