7 Steps to Hiring the Right People for Your New Medical Practice

By Adria Schmedthorst  |  September 15, 2015

New Practice Start Up GuideBy Adria Schmedthorst

Starting a new medical practice comes with many responsibilities. One that physicians worry about is how to hire the right people to care for patients, increase revenue, and help the practice grow. Follow these steps to hiring the right people, and you will gain a valuable team member, invested in the success of your practice. Tweet this Kareo story

Step 1 – Make a List
List all of the skills, experience, and personality traits you would want in your ideal employee. Remember, you can teach skills but not change personalities. It is always best to choose desirable personality traits over skills to ensure the best team dynamic for your staff.

Step 2 – Write Detailed Application Instructions
Set out very specific instructions for applicants to follow when submitting applications. This will serve as a test to weed out candidates who are not detail-oriented or can’t follow instructions. For example, use a specific email address for submitting applications and require a unique subject line such as “Great New Practice – Hire Me”.

In lieu of the standard resume and cover letter, ask applicants to prepare a document detailing how their experience relates to the skill sets you are looking for. And, always have a hard deadline with a date and time for submissions.

Step 3 – Place Your Ads
There are many places to advertise to attract qualified staff and you should cast a wide net. The more quality applicants you have for each position, the more likely you are to find your ideal fit. Place ads in as many of the options below as possible.

  • Social Media
  • Your Website
  • Newspapers
  • Nurse Magazines
  • Craigslist
  • Major Online Job Sites

Step 4 – Sort Applicants Into Yes, Maybe, & No
This is where you start weeding out the applications.

  • Yes – These are applicants who have all the skills you wanted and followed all the application instructions.
  • Maybe – These applicants followed all instructions but may be lacking in a desired skill or personality trait.
  • No – Applicants who do not meet your skill requirements and everyone who did not follow your application instructions to the letter.

Step 5 – Contact Your Yes’s
Choose 5-7 applicants per position and contact them. If you have only three in your “yes” pile, choose two to four from your “maybe” pile. But, never reach into your “no” pile.

Step 6 – Narrow It Down
Choose five or fewer applicants per position for interviews. Be sure to include any current team members in the interview process, ask for their opinions, and be aware of personality dynamics.

Step 7 – Keep Weeding
If you still have no clear front-runner, give your top two to three choices a detailed assignment to complete. This will give you deeper insight into how they will work with you and your practice.

After following these seven steps, you should easily be able to choose a new employee with the skills and personality to blend seamlessly into your team. Taking the time to be diligent in your hiring will pay off for years to come with a loyal, skilled staff to buoy the success of your practice.

For more tips on how to start your new practice right, download this helpful guide.


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