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Articles on Medical Biller

Revenue | Article

Every medical practice experiences claim denials.  Better performing practices have denial rates...

By Sara Larch | 03/09/11
Compliance | Article

Physician practices and hospitals know a change is coming on October 1, 2013, that will...

By Nancy Maguire | 03/09/11
Revenue | Article

In general, people intend to honor their debts. Others, of course, are not as responsible. In...

By Kathy McCoy | 02/07/11
Revenue | Article

When you collect a co-payment, you know it’s in your contract with your payer. However, it’s not...

By Kathy McCoy | 01/24/11
Revenue | Article

In today’s challenging reimbursement era, there seems to be no end in sight to the complexities of...

By Elizabeth Woodcock | 10/11/10
Revenue | Article

Appealing denied claims used to be a simple process. A biller working with a physician's office...

By Elizabeth Woodcock | 08/03/10