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Articles on Medical Billing Basics

Revenue | Article

"Isn’t the surgeon paid to do the pre-op visit? My schedule is filled with pre-operative exams...

By Betsy Nicoletti | 01/03/12
Management | Article

Under the Social Security Act, Medicare establishes a national fee schedule for physicians based...

By Bhagwan Satiani | 02/09/11
Revenue | Article

In general, people intend to honor their debts. Others, of course, are not as responsible. In...

By Kathy McCoy | 02/07/11
Management | Article

2011 brings significant challenges for professional fee billing. With medical reimbursements...

By Elizabeth Woodcock | 12/20/10
Revenue | Article

In today’s challenging reimbursement era, there seems to be no end in sight to the complexities of...

By Elizabeth Woodcock | 10/11/10