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Patients | Article

Fitness trackers are getting more popular every year. In 2014, Fitbit alone sold 36.7 million...

By Kayla Matthews | 03/21/17
Patients | Article

[View the story "Patient Wait Time Woes" on Storify]

By Aaron Perreira | 03/10/17
Growth | Article

Despite all the attention focused on consolidation trends in our industry in recent years, private...

By Laurie Morgan | 02/13/17
Management | Article

As digital health initiatives become more prevalent in the healthcare industry, it is important to...

By Lea Chatham | 01/20/17
Patients | Article

I have a feeling that future historians will be writing a lot about 2016. They’ll have plenty to...

By Charlie Kolb | 01/17/17
Management | Article

To kick off the New Year, Kareo invited everyone to come share their predictions for what...

By Lea Chatham | 01/06/17
Revenue | Article

Each year, I love to look back and pick the best blog posts of the year to share again. It’s a...

By Lea Chatham | 01/04/17
Patients | Article

It’s important to reflect on the past year to be able to move forward. In the most recent #...

By Lea Chatham | 12/28/16
Patients | Article

A long patient wait time is never a good thing. However, the reality is patients do spend at least...

By Lisa Eramo | 12/27/16
Compliance | Article

At the latest #KareoChat, first-time host @SEEDProtocol helped us explore whether patient-centric...

By Lea Chatham | 12/16/16
Patients | Video

Still wondering what patient engagement is and what the benefits are to your practice? Find out in...

By Molly Maloof | 12/14/16
Patients | Article

November and December are the time of year when healthcare is on everyone’s mind. Its open...

By Lea Chatham | 12/12/16
Management | Article

Data breaches are a growing issue for healthcare practices of all sizes! During the latest #...

By Lea Chatham | 12/12/16
Compliance | Article

It’s been just a little over a month since the CMS announced the MACRA final rule, and everyone has...

By Lea Chatham | 11/30/16
Growth | Video

Have you hesitated to get started with social media? Find out what you shouldn’t wait any longer in...

By Molly Maloof | 11/22/16
Patients | Article

Being able to copy and paste information in the EHR saves time and improves efficiency. But when...

By Lisa Eramo | 11/07/16