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Articles on Patient Engagement

Growth | Article

We're glad to see many of you reaching out to us for more detailed advice on how to implement some...

By Trace Ronning | 12/12/11
Management | Article

For the past couple years, we've seen our doctors get an average of a little more than 2 online...

By Mike Haverhals | 10/17/11
Growth | Article

By now we all know that fake negative reviews have become a major issue for doctors on many online...

By Mike Haverhals | 09/12/11
Growth | Article

An interesting study from web metrics company Hitwise recently put some numbers behind all the talk...

By Mike Haverhals | 07/05/11
Growth | Article

Here are 3 simple actions you can take to grow your online reputation and claim your name on search...

By Mike Haverhals | 04/19/10

Reviewing our database of patient reviews as well as 3rd party review sites that cover dentists,...

By Mike Haverhals | 06/19/09