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Articles on Online Reputation and Website Management


Many patients are turning to the web to schedule doctor appointments. This trend is becoming more...

By Molly Maloof | 12/02/15
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If you want your website to stand out you should consider its content and the design of its...

By Molly Maloof | 11/19/15
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Patient engagement has become an industry buzzword defined differently by different constituents....

By John Sung Kim | 11/16/15
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In 2010, Yelp was starting to gain substantial traction in certain metro markets as a trusted place...

By John Sung Kim | 11/09/15
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In some ways, the Internet has positively transformed medicine allowing physicians to have a slew...

By Molly Maloof | 10/23/15
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Kareo combed through hundreds of medical practice Facebook pages looking for great examples of...

By Lea Chatham | 10/20/15
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 Schedule a demo to find out how to get quality reviews across top review sites.

By Emily Novosel | 10/15/15
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Some people love their privacy, but for those of us in public-facing professions (e.g. doctors,...

By Molly Maloof | 08/20/15
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We know primary care doctors are being hit hard by all of the changes occurring in medicine. In the...

By Molly Maloof | 08/11/15
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One of the questions I’m consistently surprised that my doctors do not ask me is, “John, what are...

By John Sung Kim | 08/05/15
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There isn't a formula for making sure you have a phenomenal online presence and plenty of positive...

By Molly Maloof | 07/28/15
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Kareo combed through hundreds of medical practice websites looking for great examples of practices...

By Lea Chatham | 07/21/15
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Has your medical practice been the victim of false negative reviews? A lawsuit which just went...

By John Sung Kim | 07/08/15