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Management | Article

While running an independent medical practice comes with challenges, especially with all the...

By Adria Schmedthorst | 05/23/17
Patients | Article

Telemedicine has the potential to change the way we experience healthcare. We wanted to find out...

By Erika Crespo | 05/15/17
Patients | Article

According to an IHS report, the number of patients using telehealth, or telemedicine, is expected...

By Adria Schmedthorst | 05/12/17
Patients | Article

EHR implementation can be an intimidating task! So we called on healthcare consultant Maxwell...

By Erika Crespo | 05/10/17
Revenue | Article

In our last #KareoChat, host Kat Quinn, led a spirited conversation around the potential of ...

By Erika Crespo | 05/01/17
Management | Article

By Erika Crespo | 04/25/17
Patients | Article

When it comes to talking to patients about fees and collections, a little empathy goes a long way....

By Adria Schmedthorst | 04/19/17
Management | Article

Software Advice, a provider of detailed reviews and research on software applications, published a...

By Heera Kang | 04/17/17
Patients | Article

In our last #KareoChat, Melissa (a.k.a. @melissarvh on Twitter) led our discussion on the...

By Malinee Chum | 04/10/17
Growth | Article

Healthcare IT consultant, Shareese Maynard, led an in-depth #KareoChat on how physicians can form...

By Malinee Chum | 03/31/17
Patients | Article

[View the story "Patient Wait Time Woes" on Storify]

By Aaron Perreira | 03/10/17
Patients | Article

November and December are the time of year when healthcare is on everyone’s mind. Its open...

By Lea Chatham | 12/12/16
Patients | Article

Being able to copy and paste information in the EHR saves time and improves efficiency. But when...

By Lisa Eramo | 11/07/16
Patients | Article

This week’s #KareoChat host, Melissa VanHouten led a discussion about what right care looks like...

By Lea Chatham | 10/21/16
Management | Article

There are few things more frustrating than wasted time—especially in the workplace. Most of us want...

By Lisa Eramo | 08/30/16
Management | Article

Money isn’t everything … or is it? Seventy-three percent of office-based physicians who haven’t...

By Lisa Eramo | 07/21/16