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Compliance | Article

When healthcare pundits talk about MACRA they often offer a basic analysis of how the move to value...

By John Lynn | 07/25/17
Compliance | Article

As more providers shift toward population health management systems and payment models, what are...

By Lisa Eramo | 07/12/17

As physicians continue to search for opportunities to lower healthcare costs and improve the...

By Lisa Eramo | 06/22/17
Compliance | Article

A common complaint among EHR users is that they cannot easily exchange routine and bulk patient...

By Tom Giannulli | 07/21/17
Compliance | Article

This year has once again been a time of change – from fee-for-service to value-based payment; from...

By Beth Onofri | 07/19/17
Patients | Article

We covered a variety of important and timely topics in the past month of #KareoChats (Thursdays at...

By Erika Crespo | 06/29/17
Revenue | Article

Medicare reform, risk adjustment, and the expanded role of medical coders in today’s physician...

By Lisa Eramo | 05/23/17
Patients | Article

Telemedicine has the potential to change the way we experience healthcare. We wanted to find out...

By Erika Crespo | 05/15/17
Patients | Article

According to an IHS report, the number of patients using telehealth, or telemedicine, is expected...

By Adria Schmedthorst | 05/12/17
Revenue | Article

Pediatricians, primary care physicians, and internists frequently perform immunizations, but are...

By Lisa Eramo | 05/09/17
Revenue | Article

These days, all medical specialties are vulnerable to payer audits and denials. However, providers...

By Lisa Eramo | 05/02/17
Compliance | Article

The repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) may have failed, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’...

By Erika Crespo | 04/17/17
Compliance | Article

Medical electronic health records, or EHRs for short, may have the potential to be much more secure...

By Kayla Matthews | 04/04/17
Compliance | Article

[View the story "#HIMSS17: Sore Feet, Excited Faces and Healthcare Surprises " on Storify]

By Aaron Perreira | 03/03/17
Compliance | Article

In October 2016 the final MACRA rule was released. The rule laid out the Quality Payment Program (...

By Beth Onofri | 02/28/17
Compliance | Article

As 2017 begins, eligible clinicians (ECs) are faced with deciding if and how they will participate...

By Beth Onofri | 02/13/17