Laurie Morgan

Laurie Morgan is a senior consultant and partner at Capko & Morgan. She managed both start-ups and large-scale operations in the media industry before turning her focus to medical practice management. Her consulting focus is on driving and capturing revenue and operating more efficiently. Laurie has an MBA from Stanford University.

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Articles on Laurie Morgan

Revenue | Article

It wasn’t that long ago that most practices left everything to do with billing to professional...

By Laurie Morgan | 04/11/17
Growth | Article

Despite all the attention focused on consolidation trends in our industry in recent years, private...

By Laurie Morgan | 02/13/17
Revenue | Article

Its early fall. Leaves are turning, fires are burning, and there’s that eerie feeling that...

By Laurie Morgan | 10/04/16
Management | Article

Somewhere along the way, the idea that medical practice profitability hinges on minimizing staffing...

By Laurie Morgan | 08/08/16

For solo and very small medical practices, outsourcing medical billing is often the only reasonable...

By Laurie Morgan | 08/04/16
Revenue | Article

Does it seem like your practice reception area transforms from Grand Central Station to Old West...

By Laurie Morgan | 01/11/16
Revenue | Article

When we work with practices that are contemplating setting up a new medical billing department or...

By Laurie Morgan | 08/10/15

Wouldn’t it be great if chronically ill patients could leave your practice feeling like they’d...

By Laurie Morgan | 03/09/15
Management | Article

Ask managers or physicians about what drives revenue at their practices, and I doubt you’ll find...

By Laurie Morgan | 02/09/15