Cheryl Bisera

Cheryl Bisera is a consultant, author, and speaker with extensive experience in marketing and business promotion. She is the founder of Cheryl Bisera Consulting, a California-based image development and marketing company that focuses on the healthcare industry and author of the book, The Patient-Centered Payoff. Cheryl has spoken for regional medical management organizations, conducted customer-service workshops, and written numerous articles for publications such as KevinMD, Physician Magazine, and the Journal of Medical Practice Management.

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Articles on Cheryl Bisera

Management | Article

Physicians’ top three frustrations, according to the Great American Physician survey of 2014,...

By Cheryl Bisera | 09/04/15

When you experience conflict with an outside source like a patient, a payer, or the hospital you...

By Cheryl Bisera | 03/03/15
Patients | Article

Ever overhear an angry interaction while waiting in line to purchase something? You can’t help but...

By Cheryl Bisera | 01/27/15
Patients | Article

There are questions your staff deal with regularly that have simple answers like, “What’s your...

By Cheryl Bisera | 01/06/15
Revenue | Article

The shift toward high deductible plans isn’t going away. Preliminary survey findings show that 73...

By Cheryl Bisera | 12/02/14
Patients | Article

As you wrap up Q4, surely you are thinking about all that you want to accomplish in 2015. Improved...

By Cheryl Bisera | 11/04/14
Growth | Article

Email. It’s that pile of daily correspondence that seems to haunt you with an ever-growing list of...

By Cheryl Bisera | 09/18/14
Growth | Article

You’re taking the big leap, you’ve chosen a community, a practice name, location and key staff you...

By Cheryl Bisera | 09/04/14