3 out of 4 Patients Prefer Digital Communications

By Molly Maloof  |  September 12, 2013


In a recent study done by MedHealthDisplay and Arbitron, 3 out of 4 patients say that they prefer to use digital communications as opposed to traditional print.

Arbitron, on behalf of MedHealthDisplay, conducted on-site interviews of adults who have viewed hospital and medical information running on flat-screen displays placed in waiting rooms and cafeterias.

Patients mention that digital displays are more informative and more effective in distributing information. Given the era we live in, it's not surprising that patients are better equipped to digest information in a digital format as opposed to a paper packet.

So what does this mean for mHealth?

It's not hard to understand that digital communications are the best way to reach your patient. It's also important to consider which screens patients spend most of their time on. Studies also show that the average person spends 2 hours daily looking at their smartphone. Add that number in with conventional computers - such as laptops or desktops - and patients are staring at a screen for the majority of their day.

This is the underlying basis of mHealth - it's a paradigm shift towards mobile and digital that allows doctors to reach patients more effectively. If you need to reach out to your patients - educate them on any local health issues, provide medical advice, or ask them about their personal health - their smartphones and computers are the best channels to go through.


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